somebody-somewhere stopped refreshing in march 2022, it is still available as an archive.

somebody-somewhere was a publicly available and continually refreshing news-website with actual news in which the names of persons are replaced by "somebody" and the names of geographical locations are replaced by "somewhere"

This project started when I realized I was not able to read the news objectively because I was too much influenced by my own subjectivity. When I read a news-item containing Donald Trump I no longer take it very seriously anymore. If he would have a good idea I think I wouldn’t recognize it. This made me look for a way to take part of my own subjectivity out and read the news for what it is.

somebody-somewhere is shown at the white page gallery/s network and is now part of the archives at unbleached wpg hosted by Zsolt Mesterhazy. It is also part of the online exhibition Undocumented events and object permanence organized by Noemata / Bjørn Magnhildøen

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